Friday, 10 December 2010

Exciting mail .....

Look what the mailman brought to me yesterday!  How exciting, my 6 Things swap organised by Maree has arrived.  My gifts are from Barbara, and they look very intriguing.  I have opened the one shown on top and found the cutest needlebook(something for the craftroom).  How did Barbara know that I adore paisley fabric??!?  I love it, thank you so much Barbara.  She even included a gift for each of the girls, who unlike their mother have placed their unopened gifts under the Christmas tree .  But I have put my other gifts under the tree and we'll see if they make it till Christmas.  Probably won't, patience is not my strong point!  Obviously I have Barbaras address on the parcel, but I can't find an email or blog address for Barbara to say thanks.  So if you happen to be reading this Barbara, please pretty please send me an email(on my sidebar) so I can thank you directly. 

Isn't this needlecase so cute...thank you Barbara!

My own 6 things swap was a bit late being sent, after Customs opening my SSCS parcel to Alison I have done a little more research about what I can and can't send to Oz, so hopefully my parcel will arrive to it's recipient next week.

Finally for today, these two cookies in a jar were last minute teacher gifts delivered by the girls to school today.  The inspiration for these cookie jars came from Shabby Art Boutique, where there have been lots of fab Christmas ideas recently.  This is the actual cookie jar link.  My very good intentions to stitch them a small gift have just not happened in the mad rush of the last few weeks.

Today is the last day of school for the year and I am so pleased, everyone is tired and crabby and ready for a break.  Life has been so crazy for the last few months, I keep thinking next week will be better, but it doesn't work out that way. lol   However, I am hoping that *next* week will finally be a little quieter.  I went to town and did most of my Christmas shopping yesterday, a big day, but great to have it done, since my helpers will be tagging along behind me after today.

We are heading away after school with friends for a couple of nights to Queenstown.  It will be great to unwind with a glass of wine(or two) and some R & R by the lake.

Thanks for stopping by today, and for the kind and thoughtful comments you leave, I love reading them, I am woefully behind in my blog reading, but will catch up on everyone when we're back next week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll catch you next week .................. Nicky


Michelle said...

Lovely needle case, I love paisley too but for some reason have very little of it in my stash. I could almost have written this blog post it sounds so much like my life at the moment, Lol We are going are a family(church family) camp this weekend I am so looking forward to not having to cook and have packed the essentials(quilt mags and stitchery projects, Lol) Now I just have to pack for everyone else!
Enjoy your weekend, Hugs

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the teachers! I've seen them done before and thought it would be a good idea to do them one day! One day.... :)

Annie said...

Sounds like a fun swap. The needle case is very pretty. I've been a paisley fan since the flower power 60's.

The cookie mix is such a cute idea. Simple and perfect for a gift at this time of year (or anytime really!)

Bev C said...

Hello Nicky

Lovely paisley material. Love the pressies you made the teachers. Enjoy your break away and that glass of wine or two.
Merry Christmas.

Aunty Bee said...

Hi Nicky, Sorry I didn't leave my blog address, hope you enjoy your parcel it took an awfully long time to get to you I see. I checked the tracking daily and it took 7 days from me to you, probably quicker to come from Aussie. I loved doing this swap for you, have a Merry Christmas and good New Year.

Vinniey said...

Beautiful needle case from Barbara. I love the cookie mixed jar idea. What a fresh idea, Nicky! Enjoy the season and merry Christmas.

Siobhan said...

What a lovely needle case! I like the idea for the cookie jars, too. Enjoy your much needed break!

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