Monday, 20 September 2010

When life gives you lemons ............make lemonade

........and when Mother Nature gives you snow................get Dad to build a sled and have some fun!

Slight design flaw - you end up with just as much snow on top of you as all around you!  The girls loved it anyway, and are pretty pleased they can't get through to school today. 

We are trying to keep our chins up, but things are pretty dire out there, lots more snow yesterday, it eased off a little later in the day, and there's been a slight thawing overnight.  Unfortunately though, more snow is forecast for tonight, so any thawing so the ewes can get to some grass today would be wonderful. 

Another cloud with a silver lining - I had time to get my little Lamb scissor fob finished up......... rather fittingly photgraphed on a bed of snow.

Spring Scissor Fob
Shepherds Bush
32ct Waterlily Linen with DMC and WDW thread as kitted
Now that it's finished I can't believe I left it so long to stitch up the back and finish it up. I think the thought of making the cord myself was a bit daunting, but it really wasn't so bad!The only change I made was the year, not 2003 as the chart listed!  

A huge thanks for all the lovely, kind comments left about the lambs and snow, we will do the very best we can, and are hoping that our stock come through OK.

Till next time .............. Nicky


Maree: said...

Your Girl's looked like they had Fun...Hope all goes OK for your Ewes..Gorgeous the little Dragonfly & being double sided is Lovely..

Christine said...

Your fob is absolutely gorgeous! So delicate and pretty! I hope that the weather improves for you soon and doesn't cause you too many difficulties!

Leeanne said...

Wow, what fun for the kids!Lovely, lovely scissor fob...the lamb is so sweet.

Deborah said...

Looks the kids had alot fun on the sled. Your scissor fob came out great.

Blu said...

Your fob looks great!
Hope the weather improves soon.

Robyn said...

Adore your fob! DH had a sled pulled by the farm horse when he was a kid and it had an angled forward board attached at the front to help it over the ploughed dirt in the paddock instead of through it. It also had front to back wooden 'runners' underneath the sides to make it easier for the horse to pull.

Denise said...

After seeing 2 days of snow on your blog, I just
have to say: It's hot here in Georgia!
Today it was 97 degrees, although the bank sign
said '101'! I am so ready for fall!
Love your lamb fob! Do you have lots of lamb and
sheep themed pieces?

Shiree said...

what a spring surprise huh, we have very little here however,the skifield is looking pretty darn good!

Deb said...

Nikki, I hope nothing happens with your little lambs and sheep. I can't work out what mother nature has against us here in the South Island at the moment, can you?

Marlene said...

Your girls looked so happy, snow is great for them. Hope the livestock is doing OK, love your fob.Your spring is as daft as it can get!!

Annie said...

Well, at least the girls appear to be having a great time in all that snow and you had time to do a great little finish. Hope your animals stay well.

Carol said...

Love your little lamb finish--there is something quite beautiful about it sitting there in a pile of fluffy, white snow :)

Hope it warms up soon for you and your animals...

Vinniey said...

I love your post's title, Nicky. I hope your animals are well. Beautiful spring scissor fob.

Bev C said...

Hello Nicky,

Your scissor fob is beautiful,especially photographed against the snow. I bet your girls had so much fun.
Hope the weather has returned to lovely Spring weather.
Happy days

Wendy said...

This is lovely! I think I might need a scissor fob or two... new project coming on!

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Oh Nicky, when I heard that there was snow way down south I thought of you and all those poor little lambs! I wonder how things are now? Hopefully it is melting away! Gorgeous fob, by the way!
Jennifer x

Leanne said...

they say more snow to come - not fair.
Hope lambs are ok.
What a good dad to take kids on sled. Such fun memories for them.

Beautiful fob!

Love Leanne

Grethe said...

What lovely pictures! Hope the animals are ok!
Your scissor fob is beautiful:-)

Patty C. said...

Beautiful fob
I'm sure the animals will be ok - weather changes so quickly - I see grass in the forecast :)

Take Care

Sally said...

I do hope your sheep and lambs are safe and OK Nicky. I hope the weather improves soon.

Love the photos of your girls. Looks like they had great fun!

Love your SB fob! You gotta love those sweet designs.

Bec said...

Looks like lots of fun in the snow with the sled! Your scissor fob is beautiful....

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the finish! Looks like the girls are having a blast with the snow. I hope the sheep fare well.

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