Sunday, 20 May 2012

FNSI - The Friday afternoon version

As I hoped, I did get a few stitches in on Friday afternoon for Friday Night Sew In...... on my Christmas Garden project.  I haven't worked on this in several months, so there isn't much change to see, but surely a few stitches is better than none!

If you joined in FNSI, I hope you had a lovely evening stitching too.................

Till next time ...........Nicky

Friday, 18 May 2012

(Semi)Normal transmission resumes

Oh boy, it's been so long since I did this that the whole blogger thing seems unfamiliar to me.......
It feels great to be back though, and I know I've missed reading everyone's news and happenings!

Things are good here, my Dad is recovering from surgery and looking forward to a smooth journey ahead now.      These kinds of bumps in the road are what makes me appreciate my family and also our wonderful friends even more, we simply couldn't get there without them.  I have had lots of 'checking in on you' emails and messages, so thanks for thinking of us!!

You'd think that in a 2 and a half month break from blogging I'd have lots of stitching to share but sorry that is not the case at all.  Very little stitching happened here, it's not through a lack of wanting to, but it just hasn't happened.    We did have a week in April in beautiful Noosa in Queensland, Australia, and what a fantastic place.  Noosa can be as busy or relaxing as you want it to be........ we fitted in some horse riding, kayaking, shopping, lots of swimming, and a whole lot of reading and relaxing!  I also managed to squeeze in a trip to The Patchwork Angel in Forest Glen, what a wonderful shop, I had a good old discussion with my credit card there, but of course I won in the end... lol ..... and some lovely goodies came home with me.

I believe it is Friday Night Sew In tonight, sadly for my sewing, we won't be home tonight, but I might try and sneak in a couple of hours stitching this afternoon instead.  I have a sick girl home from school today with a nasty head cold, so the perfect reason for a day indoors for me too!

If you're joining FNSI this month I hope you have an enjoyable evening stitching tonight, and I will catch up with you all again soon.

Take care ............. Nicky

PS: I've just had a look back to February on my blog and realise I didn't share a pic of Janis' finished Stitching Round the Block piece, so here it is...... Janis stitched Round 1, Raewyn stitched Round 2, Janis stitched Round 3(she and Leanne each did their own round threes) and I stitched Round 4 for Janis ...finally!!!  Thanks to Helen of Hugs and Kisses for a great round robin pattern and to Janis, Raewyn and Leanne for putting up with me!

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