Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A little blog help please?

EDITED TO ADD:  I think I have fixed it now, deleted and reloaded same photo and now works fine - still have no idea why these things happen!!   One of lifes little mysteries I guess?  Thanks Michelle and Theresa(and any others I have since missed!) for your comments!

Today when I loaded up my blog, my header collage photo is now smaller and down below the title etc.  I haven't changed any settings, or the original photo, so not sure what is going on.

Now I am wondering if it is just my own computer, can you see the photo as it usually is or has it moved??   Everything else seems to be the same as it was on my blog though.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions. 

Thanks so much,  Nicky


Michelle said...

Sorry Nicky it is below the heading when I look at it too. Sometimes it just plays up I suppose, maybe it's having it's own version of a bad hair day! Hope you can fix it without any problems. Have a great day!

Theresa said...

I see it small and below the title as well. Perhaps it'll go back to normal by can always hope!

(p.s. that no new starts's a struggle already!)

BubzRugz said...

On mine it all looks good - the title is over the top left picture..... maybe it has fixed by now??

Bev C said...

Hello Nicky,

Last night when I came to your blog it was small now this morning at 8.00am West Aussie time it is back as it was big and across the screen. So that would be midday your time. I know a fellow blogger in New Zealand hasn't been able to get blogger to work at all. Something out there isn't working to order.
Happy days.

Robyn said...

Looks fine to me also. Probably one of those "google gliches" that my blog has occasionally. I often ignore them and they'll correct themselves.

Vinniey said...

I see no changes on your header. It appeared as usual. No problem on my side when I visit your blog today and yesterday.

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