Sunday, 15 August 2010

The week that was ......

Hi all, there isn't a lot of news around here.......just the normal comings and goings of family and work life. Thanks for all the kind comments about our new baby Kelly, this is a photo of her I got yesterday....why is it they always look so sad? I'm sure she does have a happy life for the most part, but as soon as you try to get a still photo, those big eyes always come out so sad looking! 
We've had a very cold wet week, this was the view from the upstairs deck last Monday, snow falling, thankfully it didn't get any worse than that, but it was a slow trip to work as before the snow started, we had a very hard frost, so roads were icy too. Bring on Spring, we are all over Winter!! A few rhodos are just starting to flower so something better must be on its way. 
It's been a case of going backwards not forwards on my stitching. The miniblocks I had done for BG were laid out on my sewing room floor, when our very old(nearly 17 years) cat decided to relieve himself on them. I only noticed the next day that they all looked a little messed up than how I had left them. On closer inspection I could see - and smell - that they had cat pee on them. While I was seething mad, I realise he is very old and in failing health, so we just need to watch him carefully, he doesn't usually spend a lot of time inside, and I will keep the sewing room door shut in future. I've washed the blocks(several times), and apart from one fabric shrinking a bit, which I have now replaced, they look and smell OK now. The joys of pets!

Some Gardeners Journal stitching was achieved last night though, the garden tools are nearly done. Definitely trying to get this block done before the end of the month. We start lambing in about ten days and things will get a little crazier round here! We are vaccinating our older ewes this afternoon, and then spreading them out around their lambing paddocks. Can't wait to get some lambs on the ground - then winter will have to go away! If only it was that easy. lol

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you visiting!

Till next time ............................... Nicky

EDITED TO ADD: The photos on this post didn't seem to be showing first time around, so I have republished this post.  Apologies if you end up with it twice on Google Reader etc.  I thought I was being smart trying to blog straight from Picasa, but somehow I don't think I got it right!


Rowyn said...

Aww, Kelly is sooo gorgeous! I have a cat that does that - looks really sad, even though she is really spoilt. lol

Brrrr, that looks cold. After seeing your snow photo, I shouldn't complain about how cold it is here... as I'm sure it is a lot colder down south. Roll on springtime!

Raewyn said...

Hi Nicky
Your cat must have misunderstood what sort of Garden the blocks came from (BG=Butterfly garden?) but lucky the damage was fixable. Yes roll on spring I say!! We don't get so cold up here but the rain is fairly continual!!

Tricia said...

LOL! Your post came up on my google reader and I couldn't figure out *where* in the US it was snowing, while it's 90 outside!! :-) Thanks for a little touch of winter. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new lambs!!

StitchCat said...

Labradors always look hungry I reakon. Mobile food vacuums. I could never get over how much food my old Zoe could put away if left with a open bag of tux biscuits - which, yes much to my horror, did happen.
Last weekend we went down to Oamaru to check out a boarding school for my was icy cold, but thankfully the roads were clear when we went back over the Arthurs on the way home.

BubzRugz said...

Kelly is very cute.... puppy eyes do seem to look sad - men seem to manage that look very well too!!! Poor cat - I hope I don't get like that in old age! Your snow is pretty - we are getting the cold winds northwards here in SE Queensland at the moment......... Hugz

Katrina in NZ said...

ohh, those sad eyes just melt your heart everytime don't they? We don't get snow get here but last Monday it wasn't far off it I reckon, it was only 1c when I got home from work! Enjoy your week Nicky :)

Sally said...

Awww Kelly is just so adorable! That photo makes me want to scoop her up and give her a big cuddle!

Oooh that looks chilly! I forget where you are and wonder why it's so cold! Lol!

Suzanne said...

What a great photo of Kelly, she's cute. The weather looks very cold, I hope it changes for you soon.

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