Monday, 1 March 2010

Stitchery Update

Greetings all. Last night while watching the T20 cricket (What a result - the Black Caps finally beat Australia after a very long drought! It was such an exciting game.) I finished the stitchery of the pincushion part of The New Couch Companion by Leanne's House. When these photos were taken in the afternoon I still had a few flower centres to finish.

I thought this was such a wee cutie when I first saw the pattern, so now I need to complete the cover stitchery and choose some fabrics to put it all together.

We are enjoying a nice gentle rain today, just what the paddocks need to freshen up. I am going to be spending this evening helping to crutch lambs in preparation for trucking to the works early tomorrow morning. My husband does the hard work with the handpiece, the dogs and I just need to keep them pushed up the race to him. Lucky me - so unfortunately no stitching tonight.
So until next time - enjoy your stitching!

***EDITED TO ADD: For the uninitiated, 'crutching' is removing with a shearing hand piece(kind of like clippers) the dags and excess wool etc from around the rear end of the lambs. This keeps them cleaner and more hygienic prior to and during slaughter at the meat works. Hope that helps, Cindy. Maybe I should try and get some before and after photos! Nicky


Cyndi Harris ~ said...

This is very pretty! Looking forward to the finish! I'm not sure what 'crutch' lambs intales but it sounds like alot of hard work.

Jan said...

I can't wait to see your finish. I hope your work tonight goes smoothly. Jan

Lisa said...

You do gorgeous work Nicky. Such a beautiful sticher you are... Hugs Lisa

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