Thursday, 4 March 2010

Leanne's House BOM Progress

Good morning friends. Thanks for the lovely comments that have been left for me. I am loving visiting blogs all over the place, and have seen some of the most beautiful stitching. I find everyone's work so inspiring, only problem is that I see so many projects I would love to start. I MUST NOT START ANYTHING ELSE!!! Or at least I will try not to! LoL. Not much stitchy progress this week, have had a sore shoulder, so giving it a wee rest. Here are some more pics of some of my WIP blocks of Leanne's House. This is Block 4 and Block 5. I haven't started Block 3 yet, as it has lots of applique, which I want to practice more before I am let loose on the real thing! Both blocks still need lots more stitchery completed, there are lots of stars and flowers around the verse in Block 5, and a little heart to be appliquied in each of the four corners. This has been a fun project, and one I intend to continue working on this year.

Block 4

Block 5

It has been a windy, wet week here so far, our girls school have been trying to hold their athletic sports day since Tuesday, and it has now been postponed till Monday in the hope of more settled weather. I guess officially autumn is here, now that March is upon us, but I am really not excited about the prospect of winter. After the terrible winter many of you have been experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope ours won't be so harsh. Here on our farm we usually get one or two small dumps of snow each year, but it is normally gone within a couple of days. This is a good thing, because our sheep and cattle are not wintered indoors, as many are around the world. Our winter is normally a mix of lots of rain, and southerly storms, hopefully mixed in with an occasional spell of fine, frosty weather as well. We live a couple of hours away from Central Otago, where they enjoy(or maybe that should be endure) beautiful hoar frosts where the fog freezes and looks stunning on the trees. It is such a magical sight. My in-laws live at Lake Wanaka, which is a beautiful alpine area, with ski fields nearby. It is beautiful in the summer there also, with lovely hot summer days. Perfect for getting out on the lake on the boat. Anyway, enough talk of weather, we don't actually get much say in what we receive, do we?
Till next time, Happy stitching.


Jan said...

I like the fabrics you are using for this quilt. Do you pick out the fabrics or do you use the ones suggested in the patterns? Jan

Farm Girl said...

Hi Jan,
I wish I could say I chose them myself, but this is a block of the month I purchased through Honeysuckle Cottage in Australia. The colours are what they have kitted up. At this stage I don't think I would be confident enough to choose my own fabrics for a project so large. Thanks for your lovely comments. It's always nice to hear from you. Nicky

Grethe said...

Lovely LH! You do lovely bachstitches,I did enlarge the picture!! I`m soon to pratice back-stitiches,as I always do the stems. My LH is up on the wall.And one day soon to compare LH and GJ up there on the wall....Great:-)
Happy stitiching to you!

Kristen said...

Beautiful work...and I love your fabrics. :)

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