Monday, 15 February 2010

Leanne's House Block of the Month

Time for a little update on a WIP of mine. This Block of the Month is one I purchased through Honeysuckle Cottage in Australia. Their fabric choices are beautiful, and it was lovely to get a little package in the mailbox every month with the latest block. Ever since I first saw one of Leanne's designs in an old Country Threads magazine, I've been a big fan. I have made up and completed most of the stitchery on the first 5 blocks, but am unsure of how to complete the applique. I have dreams of being able to do beautiful needleturn applique, but would like to practice a little more before I set to work on some of these quilt blocks. I've had a go at a couple of hearts in Block 1 and 2, the result is OK, but not perfect yet..... more practice required I think. The first 3 photos are of Block 1.
This is Block 2. It still needs another heart on either side of the pink one. These blocks have been in the pipeline for a long while now. Every now and then I pull it out and fall in love with it all over again, and complete a block before something else catches my eye. I wish I could be one of those who are dedicated enough to start a project and complete it before starting the next one. Unfortunately a lot of the things I love to stitch are large, so I tend to have a lot more starts than finishes lol. I also tend to get things stitched and then am unsure how I will 'finish' them, so they just get put away in the cupboard again. Lucky there are some very inspiring blogs out there with lots of great finishing ideas. There were some beautiful Christmas ornament finishes around last year, so maybe one day..................
Till next time ............. Happy stitching.


Jan said...

The quilt is a work of art, so beautiful. I have many WIPs too . Jan

Valerie said...

What beautiful quilt blocks! The colors are gorgeous...makes me want to start quilting!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. The pieces that you have are lovely and you have beautiful stitching. I also live on a sheep farm. Actually, I don't own the farm. My landlord does (a close family friend) but our house is surrounded by sheep grazing! I played on this farm as a child and love that I am back! Also, I could not help but notice that you love Diana Gabaldon and Sara Donati. ME TOO! Gabaldon is my favorite author. I also have all of Donati's books as well!

I am so glad that we have found each others blogs. I look forward to keeping up with your projects!


francesca said...

I see beautiful stitching in yr blog and these quilt blocks are really lovely! I love the colors you choose!
regards ffrom italy
(from LHNCCN yahoo group)

Theresa said...

Hello Nicky, I found my way here via your link on LHNCCN yahoo group and I've saved you to my favourites. Your blog and stitching are lovely. Love the quilt of Leanne's that you're making...I've recently been thinking about making her newest BOM when it's released and when I've finished my Tail Feathers quilt, the design is beautiful - just waiting to see if my LQS uses colours that are to my liking. I like your Shepherd's Bush stitching as well, they are new to me and I've yet to stitch one of their designs.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, your stitching is absolutely beautiful. I love the xs projects and that quilt is wonderful. I will be a reg visitor to your blog!

omashee aka Barb said...

Stunning! Love the quilt and your stitching is amazing. Am soooo envious of your talents!

Katrina in NZ said...

Hi Nicky, your blocks are looking wonderful :) I've got about five of these blocks put together but haven't started the embroidery yet. I'll look forward to seeing more of your progress.

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Your quilting is so beautiful! I wish I had more room in my house to create something like that. Someday when all the little darlings are on their own maybe.

Grethe said...

Just had to pop in and say your LH looks beautiful.I finished mine in 2006,soon back up on the wall where it has it`s place. I met Leanne some time ago when she visited Norway.
It was great.Now I am looking forward to do a Garden`s Journal, gosh a lot of stitching to do,glad it`s planed for a year :-)
Happy Stitching to you.

Bev C said...

Hello Nicky,

Just love them, Happy stitching.
Happy Monday.

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