Thursday, 20 October 2011

Abracadabra 'Bliss' quilt

I was on a bit of a roll with stitching down binding by the time I'd finished my Tis the Season quilt, so I got stuck in and finished this one for our dear little niece, who turned two last Sunday.  And for once it was finished before the birthday. lol  
I thought I'd get a bit clever with the backing, and put in a row like the ones on the front.  I realised once it was half made that this would make the quilting a bit tricky to get the lines matched up exactly.  It was quite a performance, but I did get it lined up OK, not perfect, but at least finished! 

This is the small quilt from the Abracadabra design by Bloom, and is purchased as a pdf file.  It is a great pattern, very easy to follow instructions and you get two quilts from a layer cake.  I hope to make the larger quilt with the remainder of the layer cake for one of my girls.    This is probably the biggest thing(and it's not even that big!) that I've quilted myself, I'm not brave enough yet to try free motion quilting, it's just straight lines for me at the moment!

It's Friday Night Sew In this week(link in my sidebar), I'm not joining officially this time, not sure if I'll be stitching much on Friday night, I've come home with another rotten flu and will probably have a quiet few days.  If you are joining in though............... Happy FNSI!
Will catch up again after the big final on Sunday night - GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What a weekend.......

I've made it home again after the most amazing weekend in Auckland for the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.  Myself, my two brothers and our Dad all flew up together on Friday.  We checked out the Fanzone, The Cloud on the waterfront and had a wander around the viaduct harbour.  We were supporting the Welsh on Saturday night(like most of the kiwis in the crowd were) against the French, but they were unlucky to lose by just one point.  And of course our All Blacks played Australia on Sunday night.  That game would have to be the most exciting game I've ever seen live.  I think most Kiwis would admit to being very nervous about the game as the Wallabies are a great side, but the AB's were awesome!!!   And now we're in the final, this Sunday night against France ................................... I'm going to be a very sad girl when this is all over.

 The French and Welsh warming up before their game

Teams lined up for the Australia and New Zealand National Anthems

The first (and possibly only) time you'll see a pic of me here on this blog LOL

This is the four of us at the All Black game in our black gear and wearing our Silver Fern flags............... it was fantastic to spend some time together, brother on the left lives in London, Dad lives down South near me, and brother on the right is in Perth, Australia.  We are all mad about rugby, so what a great excuse to all get together........... these 3 are all going to the final this Sunday ............. wish I'd decided to now too.

I have lots of blog reading to catch up on, and I am seriously behind on replying to email so I will get that caught up in the next couple of days, and hopefully some stitching time at the weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by today.............................. Nicky


Friday, 7 October 2011

Lambs and calves

Spring is speeding by at the moment, we're almost finished lambing, and have been shedding out(taking out any ewes that are still to lamb, or who are no longer rearing a lamb) in preparation for tailing(some call it docking) the lambs in a week or two.  The late lambers are going into a new paddock closer to home, and the 'has-beens' are off to a crop paddock to free up grass pasture for ewes who are rearing lambs. 

We have about 18 pet/orphan lambs we are feeding at the moment, three times a day.  When they are very young it is 4 times daily, and in a month or so will be down to twice a day.  It's much quicker once they get onto these buckets, feeding 7 at a time, with a few little ones still on bottles.  The first 7 get put in the pen for feeding  and then the ones on the outside get their turn, otherwise it gets pretty confusing who's been done and things get messy!

 So there has been lots of this happening here, as the girls also have a pet calf each for the first time, saved from the bobby calf(veal) truck from one of our local dairy farmers.

This is Donny and Ash, and they are pretty cute, takes me back to having a little Jersey calf of my own every year when I was a kid.

Clearly Donny is not happy about getting a halter on and learning to lead.  You always see lots of lambs and calves at the school pet day that look like they've only had a halter and lead on for five minutes before they were loaded that day - and that often is what has happened.  lol    So the girls are starting early on handling their calves.  In the interests of open disclosure these calves will one day be sent to slaughter with the rest of the farm cattle, the girls seem fine with the idea, Miss O has even suggested she could use the profit from this one to buy several next year and make even more money.  Don't get me wrong though, they do love their calves dearly and it will be a difficult day when it comes in about eighteen months!

Thanks for your kind comments on my Tis the Season finish on my last post.  I have signed up for the new SAL where we'll be making My Favourite Things quilt by Anni Downs from her new Some Kind of Wonderful book.  This is a wonderful book with lots of neat projects, but I need to get my last block of A Gardeners Journal done first.  I haven't anything to share stitching wise today, it's been a quiet week with the girls and I all feeling under the weather with head colds, but we're on the mend now.   There's Rugby World Cup quarter finals to watch on Saturday and Sunday nights so maybe I'll be more in the right frame of mind for stitching then.  GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!  ................................. and good luck to Ireland, Wales, England, France, Australia, South Africa and Argentina too! 

Have a wonderful weekend ................. Nicky

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tis the Season

I had a late night last night, putting the final stitches into the binding of my Tis the Season quilt, just in the nick of time for the September 30 deadline(finished with less than hour to spare. lol).  I'm really thrilled with the final quilt, and am so grateful for the encouragement and gentle prodding by all the girls at the Stitch-A-Long blog, where you can see lots of other versions of this quilt.  You wouldn't credit how one design can look so different in so many varying colourways.

My photos haven't come out very clearly but I hope you get the idea of the final look.

So now my rugby watching evenings will be filled with some other WIP's needing serious attention, I won't bore you with the list, there really are SO many!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to, thanks for stopping by today................Nicky

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